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purrfecticons's Journal

Kitty Icons
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Created by hanluvr. My icon journal is catchingstarz.

This community is for cat icons. Any kind of cats. Real, cartoon, literature... they just have to be icons of felines.

Please read the rules before joining. I want everyone to be happy here.


Community Rules

-This is an open community. Anyone can join.
-You don't have to be an icon maker to join.
-Please only post cat icons and requests.
-You may request icons, but they may not get answered. Don't get angry, and don't be afraid to request something again. No one is obligated to take requests.

-If posting more than 3 icons, please use an lj cut. Teasers are allowed to intice people to check out the rest.
-Respect the wishes of the icon maker. If they ask for credit, please give it. It takes time and effort to make icons. Constructive critism in comments is fine, but any trolling or bashing will not be tolerated.
-Icons showing any kind of hate or cruelty will not be allowed. Anybody posting will immediately be removed from the community.